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Where the Travel Bug Began

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

My most recent travel abroad was to a few countries in Europe, to fulfill my International Business major. I  attended a Wine Management Field School in France in May of 2018, and for someone who had little knowledge or appreciation of wine, this trip was invaluable. Living on Vancouver Island, I decided to make the absolute most of my journey to France and extend my trip by a few weeks for some additional travelling. What better way to experience parts of Europe than to study for three weeks and travel afterwards? I call that a win-win situation. A few of my friends from Vancouver Island University were also travelling through Europe at the same time and I met up with them in Italy. We travelled through Italy, Croatia, and Greece (to reenact the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants), and as a first timer to Europe, I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to various cultures.

After only a glimpse into each of these countries and their cultures, I grew so much as an individual, and never wanted to stop this growth. Much of this growth came from navigating unfamiliar situations. So I kept myself exploring new places to continue to feed this travel bug I had so quickly become addicted to. I went on as many hikes as I could, crossing so many off of my West Coast hiking bucket list.

And then the opportunity came, that I would be able to move to Australia, to a small city north of Sydney, while being able to work and travel. A dream come true. I set off in February of 2019, to check more places off of my bucket list, while reconnecting with family and working all the while.   Having been six months since I returned from my trip throughout parts of Europe, this was the next major step in my life that I needed to say yes to in order to continue to allow my wanderlust self to flourish.

After Australia, I would love to get back to parts of Europe, continuing to see more of this amazing world and the incredible views it has to offer. And then after Europe, I have no idea where I’ll end up, but hiking through Patagonia doesn’t sound like a half-bad idea, and then… The list of places I want to explore is so much longer than I ever could have thought possible, but I have plans to go as many places as I possibly can.

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