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Us + Them = We

Us +Them = We. I saw this on a bumper sticker fairly recently and it really got me thinking, and maybe it will have you thinking as well. I think so often we categorize people; sometimes unconsciously, as either similar to us or different, and if they are different than us they are considered and referred to as “them.” But the reality is that we need us’s and them’s in order to be the diverse and understanding society that we dream future generations will be able to grow up in. Don’t get me wrong, as a society we have made significant progress since our grandparents who walked uphill to and from school in the snow, every day. But in all seriousness, some of the topics I hear my grandparents talk about, I just have to stop them and provide them an alternative perspective, often hastily, but they just genuinely didn’t have or weren’t allowed to have those thoughts. Regardless of how far we have come, and still have to go, having people different than ourselves is what makes us all unique, provides us opportunities to deepen our understanding, to clarify misconceptions that we have, and so many more invaluable experiences. It’s so easy to automatically classify people, we like when people fit into categories, but we aren’t meant to fit into perfect little boxes.

I think travelling opens us up to this idea. You’re exposed to so many cultures; learning more about your own, the culture of the country that you are in, and maybe of fellow travellers or people you meet along the way. We hear from locals about their traditions and work ethic and gain an appreciation for this culture although they are different than ourselves, at that provides us with a bond, a “we.”

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