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New Year, Knowledgeable Me

The new year is almost upon us, and this year, I really wanted to set a resolution that was going to be achievable, but also impactful. My New Year’s resolution is to embody sustainability in a form that shows I care about the environment and its future for generations to come. Having taken a few sustainability courses within my degree, but also having seen the consumeristic side of my Bachelor of Business, as I set out to travel and work, sustainability is something I am learning more about and becoming more passionate about, the more I learn.

So far:

  1. I’ve bought a reusable straw.

  2. I’ve sourced some reusable snack and sandwich bags.

  3. I never leave the house without a reusable water bottle.

  4. I try to bring my reusable Starbucks mug, whenever I go out for hot chocolate (I’m not a big coffee or tea person)

  5. I never use plastic bags at grocery stores, opting to bring my own bag, or toss everything in my car without a bag and remembering the inconvenience of not having a bag, reminds me to bring a bag the next time I go out.

  6. I am realizing the waste that so many retailers create.

As Amazon is the source of most of my purchases, I would say about 80% of them are packaged excessively. Whether this being unnecessary plastic surrounding the product that is then placed in a cardboard box, etc., it is unnecessary. However, a cool feature Amazon has, is that if you are bulk buying (as I tend to do…) you can select to have all of your purchases shipped at the same time, meaning it may take longer for you to receive all of the products, but then only one package is being delivered to your house, rather than multiple trips for each of the items, decreasing the transportation impacts of your entire purchase. I have always found the Amazon so incredibly convenient going to school full-time and working part-time, but I miss wandering through stores, particularly located owned and supporting these business owners rather than supporting mass producers that don’t really need my dollar. In 2019, I plan on voting with my dollar to support the businesses and initiatives that I believe in to see what impact I can really have on our future.

If you’re needing some help for finding ways on how you can embrace sustainability this year, look towards these options, they range from small steps to many much larger that will really make a difference, in the foreseeable future at Going Zero Waste. There are so many changes that we can make in our every day lives that may seem inconvenient at first, but at what price is our convenience worth? If you have any tips on what you do to help ensure a more environmentally sustainable future, I’d love to hear them as I navigate this new journey!

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