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My Wisdoms at Age 24

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

For my 3rd year in a row, I’ve collected all of my favourite one liners. Reading has become an increasingly important aspect of my life, but one of all my all time favourite books which has inspired this annual activity is This is Day One: A Practical Leadership Guide by Drew Dudley. As with the past two years, I look back on the experiences that I have had each year, through the good and the bad, the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows and being in the middle of a global pandemic and having a severe injury both fall into that category. Again, as a little disclaimer, by no means do I think I know everything, or do I really consider myself wise, but I like to think that through the conversations I have had, the podcasts I’ve listened to and books I’ve read, have contributed to some at least “edge of the bed advice” as Drew Dudley refers to it. I hope you enjoy:

  1. Find activities that light you up (physically and mentally)

  2. Avoid attaching your identity to a person, place, or job

  3. Learning to be present is beyond difficult, but keep working at it

  4. Create positive habits through habit stacking (Read Atomic Habits)

  5. Look to the five people closest to you and you look to your future

  6. Money is just a tool. If you aren’t happy without it, you won’t be happy with it

  7. Find ways to give back, whether with your time, financially or through purchasing specific items to provide organizations that are doing good within this messy world

  8. You may outgrow friendships and relationships or they may outgrow you, both are okay

  9. We really don’t need as much as we think we do, downsize/ declutter your life and you free up a lot of mental space (Read Minimalism)

  10. Learn to try new things and fail

  11. Remember while you are consumed with your life, that those closest to you are with theirs as well. Check in and show support where you can

  12. Prioritise your health and remember you can always back out of situations you previously said yes to – people are more understanding than you would expect

  13. Try to always act out of kindness. It’s easy to become easily frustrated or short with people, but this butterfly effects out massively

  14. Find out how to make things easier for yourself, set up your day the night before/ your week on weekends or whatever allows you to show up as your best self

  15. Make your room/ your house a little sanctuary that you enjoy coming home to each day

  16. Write down your goals: financial, fitness, travel, career etc

  17. Do something (anything) other than check your phone first thing in the morning

  18. Remind your friends to get enough sleep and tell them you love them on every chance you get

  19. Learn to be generous with your money. Find ways to spend it wisely and be able buy someone less fortunate than you a meal because there is always someone worse off than you

  20. Learn how to be alone with yourself and not be lonely

  21. Always offer to take photos for people, I promise they don’t want a selfie as their family photo hanging in their living room

  22. Learn to give meaningful gifts, not (necessarily) expensive ones

  23. Know how to drive manual (so that if I fall while hiking and can no longer drive you can get me to the hospital). It also makes renting cars cheaper, so bonus points

  24. Find what grounds you and do it often. Get up for sunrise, stay up and watch the stars come alive and just understand how small we all are in the grand scheme of this thing called life

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