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My Wisdoms at 25

This is something I started doing a few years ago and every year, it's a little fun reflection for my birthday. The concept was originally taken from one of my all time favourite books, This is Day One:A Practical Leadership Guide by Drew Dudley, a book which I think everyone should read. Drew talks about having 30 "edge of the bed" pieces of advice. The ones that when your kids are heading off to college, you would sit on the edge of their bed and try to bestow upon them and I like to think of them as little one liners I can collect from each year. I like it more than setting New Year's resolutions and helps me see the growth I've had with each year. Instead of doing exactly 30 pieces though, I've decided to make it the number of the age I'm turning. I hope you enjoy:

  1. To have a friend, you have to be a friend. Foster the relationships that foster you

  2. Driving manual should be a life skill, I’ve needed a friend to drive me from an injury again this past year

  3. If you need a pick me up, head to a park or a beach where dogs are around and just watch them play and hopefully they come up to you and you can pet them

  4. Getting out into nature really does give you all kinds of perspective

  5. Learn how to habit stack, it really will change how you go about life in an attainable/ sustainable way

  6. Foster a sense of community, this will give back in ways you never saw possible

  7. Humble yourself by trying new activities, stick with the ones that come naturally, but also push through the ones you’re an absolute beginner at. It's okay to be bad at hobbies

  8. The best items are the ones you already have, don’t let consumerism try to tell you otherwise

  9. Imposter syndrome will hit you at some point, find ways to overcome it

  10. Understand your own needs and how to communicate these to those around you

  11. Snacks (and lots of them)

are always a good idea

  1. Learn to nourish your body with what you consume, not just by what you eat and how you move your body, but also by what you let yourself consume (books, podcasts, news, social media)

  2. Continue to find ways to learn without it being part of a hustle/ grind mentality. Your hobbies can be just hobbies

  3. Be willing to accept that you may not be able to contribute to every conversation

  4. Learn how to set boundaries, with yourself, with your friends, with your family

  5. Learning how to communicate effectively not just with your friends and family in high times, but also in the uncomfortable and hard times is so important

  6. In a world where we can always be switched on, be sure to switch off and enjoy your life behind the scenes too

  7. Fill your life with art, whether that’s you creating it or buying it and filling your home with it

  8. Try to be a more conscious human than previous generations. Look into your investments, who you bank with, what brands you support, it all makes a difference. This most definitely is a privilege to be able to do, but if you’re in a place where you can, please consider it

  9. Take care of future you financially, as little or as much as you can contribute at this time

  10. Try to be open to meeting new people in any situation. Some of my best of pals are ones that have come into my life recently through hobbies rather than through the traditional work/ school streams

  11. Always offer to take a family photo for parents getting shots of their kids, hopefully one day it will hang in their living room

  12. Declutter your life. Unsubscribe from emails that make you feel like you don’t have enough

  13. Acknowledge what situations aren’t for you

  14. Oh and quarter life crises are real

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