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My Wisdom’s at Age 22

Having recently read This is Day One: A Practical Leadership Guide by Drew Dudley, I decided to really action some of his lessons. One of those being to create 30 “Edge of the bed pieces of advice,” those pieces of advice you tell your loved ones before they make some big changes or are going through a transitional period in life. I hope you enjoy what I’ve come up with, I think this will be a list that changes every year, just as I do. Just as I gain more life experience, I expect the advice I gain to grow with me.

“Everyone has wisdom to share: regardless of your age, experience, level of education, economic status, everyone has learned from their experiences. The lessons learned from what you’ve done, rather than what you’ve been told, constitute your wisdom.”

My 30 Pieces of Wisdoms

  1. Catch a sunrise/sunset at least once a week – the raw beauty grounds you.

  2. Always offer to take someone’s photo when they’re taking a family selfie.

  3. That workout you’ve been putting off – go do it. Make the time for yourself because you are your first priority.

  4. Create a morning routine you actually enjoy and doesn’t cause you to hit the snooze button every day.

  5. Play a board game with friends at least once a month, both your and their true selves with emerge.

  6. Learn whether you are an introvert or extrovert. To recharge do you need time alone or with others, and use this to keep yourself energized.

  7. Be that best friend. Go out of your way to make them smile today even if it’s not reciprocated today, or tomorrow, because eventually you’ll go through a hard point in life and they’ll be there to make you smile in all the ways you helped them.

  8. Find an activity that grounds you and makes you realize how large this world is. Because of its vast size, you and your problems do not become small, but you may gain clarity of their importance.

  9. Take care of your body: mentally and physically. Be gentle with yourself. You may be young now, but those injuries follow you around (advice from a 22 year old with way too many injuries).

  10. Stop comparing yourself to others, whether it’s your happiness or your pain. The truth is you should only be comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, you are your only competition. Be the best version of you, but don’t discredit your pain because someone else has it worse off. We all have the right to feel pain.

  11. We are taught to have a scarcity mentality: if they get this job, I can’t get an equally good job. It’s hard when we have a scarcity mentality about relationships, careers, money. But don’t, choose an abundance mindset.

  12. Change is hard. It’s so hard. But take a leap of faith and trust in yourself.

  13. Make the time to reflect on three parts of your day that you were grateful for, every day.

  14. Learn how to say no. Say no to close friends, to family members, to obligations you don’t want to or can’t commit to.

  15. Choose yourself first: today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

  16. Become great at choosing gifts for people. Whether it’s gifting your time, be thoughtful and let them know you care far more about them than the cost of a gift. Be observant when people nonchalantly mention items they want, if it’s a friend, text their mom the gift idea, if it’s a partner, make a note in your phone for the next time a gift-buying holiday arrives or you feel like doing something just because.

  17. Empowered people, empower people

  18. Ask and you shall receive. It may not be exactly what you wanted, but it’s likely closer to what you wanted than what you had before you asked.

  19. Stop saying “it’s complicated” when it really isn’t. It’s likely just hard.

  20. As important as it is to have short and long term goals, don’t let these be the only aspects of your life that define you. Your life doesn’t start once you hit a certain age, or graduate a certain level of education. Your life is happening right before your eyes, so be present and enjoy the life you have currently.

  21. Learn to drive manual, you never know when you’ll be in a situation where you may have to drive impromptu; it’s a lot easier if you’ve had some experience.

  22. Be decisive, but not necessarily certain.

  23. Always, always, pet the dog walking by you.

  24. Find a healthy balance between fuelling your adventures and saving for your future, even if you don’t know what your future looks like.

  25. Go see your favourite artist live in concert. Remember the feeling you get as you walk out of the arena unable to fully hear, but also unable to wipe the smile off of your face. Now try to make moments like this more often in your day-to-day life.

  26. Declutter your life every six months. Evaluate both objects and relationships to determine what and who are no longer serving you.

  27. It costs absolutely nothing to be kind.

  28. When life seems overwhelming, disconnect and go away for the weekend. Play board games, laugh until you cry, but also determine what you are going to do differently to mitigate feelings of burnout.

  29. Happiness is where the tasks that you have to do every day are ones that you want to do every day.

  30. Every month, try one new product to reduce your plastic waste and begin living a more sustainable lifestyle. You’ll be surprised by the impact you can have.

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