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Five Days on the Western Arthur's Traverse

By far the most mentally challenging trip I've completed, from knee deep mud, to filtering water from murky puddles, unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, to wet, slippery, descents and tracks that more closely resembled streams, this was five days on the Western Arthur's Traverse.

Day 1 - Scotts Peak Dam to Lake Cygnus

Day 2 - Lake Cygnus to Lake Oberon

I finished my first 3 abel day, completing three summits above 1100m. They are all really close to the main track and I highly recommend before making your way down to Lake Oberon with the very official "Occupied" toilet sign at camp.

Day 3 - Lake Oberon to High Moor

Day 4 - High Moor to Haven Lake

The day starting off with packing up our tent in the rain, being amongst the spitting rain that then eased and then came back full force by the time we were to the next campsite. Many of the spots that people warn you about are on this section of the traverse and although they weren't ideal, luckily the rain had made the areas slippery, but not uncrossable.

Day 5 - Haven Lake to Scotts Peak Dam

What was meant to be a 6 day trip, very quickly turned into a urge to make it 5. The rain hadn't let up and we would be sleeping in a wet tent if we didn't push all the way through. We were ready to drop off the range, get into dry socks and eat the chocolate we had waiting in the car. The first photo is me with dish gloves atop my regular gloves to try and help stay dry, I asked Kate to take a photo of the gloves and I mean she didn't disappoint, my head just didn't quite make the cut. 11 hours of sloshing through paths that resembled riverbeds, we were finally out and had completed the range. Straight to the car to change, inhale some snacks, and make the drive back to Hobart.

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