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2020 Life Update: Enjoying Rest & Routine

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

I’ve travelled a decent amount over the last year. There’s no denying that. Exactly a year ago today, I was hiking the Three Capes Track, a 48km hike over four days that kick-started my whirlwind of travelling after moving from Canada to Australia. In the past year, I did the Great Ocean Road, spent three weeks around Tasmania, another week in Tasmania for a reset, two and a half weeks in Western Australia, another week in Tasmania, a month along the East Coast, off to Uluru for a week, another trip down to the Great Ocean Road, into the Grampians, and back to Tasmania for two weeks, before finally going off to New Zealand for five weeks to end off 2019 and start 2020. (Can you see while I ended up moving to Tassie, with my fairly frequent visits last year?) I was able to do countless day trips on top of this travelling and needless to say, I got to see so much of this vast country which I will forever cherish.

This past year taught me all kinds of things about letting go, realizing I cannot control everything, and finding ways to be okay without having a routine. However, now that I have a home-base while renting and having a full-time job in Hobart, Tasmania, I’m leaning into rest and routine more than ever. I thrive on these two qualities, rest and routine. Rest and Routine. Rest and Routine. These are two aspects I won’t ever take for granted again. In my first week of living in Hobart, I got a gym membership and have actually been consistently going every week before work. I’ve gotten into reading most days before work or on my break, and even at night to wind down. I’ve started meal-prepping.  I listen to podcasts on my commute to and from work. After about a month of this work routine, I’ve set health, career, hobby, and financial goals to really start pinpointing how to fulfill my life. I’ve reached out to volunteer opportunities. I’ve gone to networking events to meet new, like-minded people and begin creating my own little community here.

I’ve alternated between weekends away and lounging the day away while watching Netflix.  It’s funny how travelling consistently drained me way more than get up at 5am to head to the gym before a full day of work and getting home by 6pm ever has. It’s with these funny realizations that I lean into rest and routine. It isn’t for everyone, but I know that it’s what keeps me mentally energized. I’ve also always been this way, loving organization, but I needed this last year to solidify these tendencies, while also identifying where I can live without routine.

Anywaaaays, that’s just a little update from me on how I’m embracing my new lifestyle and settling into a new town. Find what fills you up, my friends, it’s extremely important.

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